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Humpday Playlist

Ok, I know, I’m the worst. It’s been forever since I’ve posted, there hasn’t been a podcast in months. I’m sorry I gave up so easily, I guess my ex-girlfriends were right when they said I have no stamina.

But whatever, I’m here now and I’m going to force the things I like onto you because that’s the kind of person I am. Also I get excited about the things I like and I want to share them with people. So, with that in mind I’d like to welcome you to what I hope will become a regular weekly thing that I do called the “Humpday Playlist”. Every Wednesday I’ll look over everything I’ve been listening to, reading, watching and playing and provide a list of stuff that I think is Super Cool©.

This is hardly a new idea, tonnes of places do exactly this sort of thing but I’ve been off the wagon for a while so I thought I’d ease myself into it. Be gentle.

Stuff these in your ear-holes

I don’t get a lot of time to listen to music these days. That’s not because I’m super busy with work or have a lot of social gatherings taking up my time, quite the opposite really. I probably have the most free time of anybody you know, unless you happen to know someone who’s three. The big “problem” – and it’s not a problem at all, this is a really dumb thing to complain about – is that I listen to too many podcast. I listen to them when I have breakfast, when I shower, when I’m at the gym, pretty much at any time that doesn’t require me to directly interact with other people and I still can’t keep on top of them. I finally cleared my unplayed podcast list yesterday morning only to look at my phone in the afternoon and find roughly 7 hours of new podcasts had downloaded while I was napping. But, in the brief time between these events I did manage to listen to some Fresh Beats.

K.Flay, one of my favourite rap-persons, released a new EP yesterday called What If It Is. I’m no music critic and I barely know my breakbeats from my…microphone controllers(?) but whatever, What If It Is is awesome and you should pay some money for it instead of pirating everything like some filthy criminal.

Actually that’s it, that’s all the music I’ve managed to listen to in the last week. Well I guess I should point you in the direction of all these damn podcasts that are eating my life. 

First up My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advice show for the modern era hosted by the three McElroy brothers: Travis, Justin and Griffin. They answer questions submitted by listeners as well as from Yahoo! Answers. They’re hilarious and most of the questions lead into deep riffs about anything ranging from proper dating etiquette to horse emotions. Check out their sampler, it’s good stuff.

I also listen to Sawbones: a Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine which is exactly what it sounds like. Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin (again! What can I say, I like the McElroys. They do good work) explore just the weirdest, worst, grossest ways we’ve tried to fix people throughout history.

Finally, check out Comic Dorksit a show where a bunch of dudes talk about comics.

I have about 15 more podcasts I listen to on a regular basis but this should keep you busy for now.

A feast for your peepers

Comedian Chris Hardwick played the original Stacee Jaxx in the Rock of Ages stage show. While he was hosting a Comic-Con panel for Tom Cruise’s new movie, magic happened.

Rev3Games has a new video series hosted by Max Scoville called Max Scoville’s Study Hall. Each week they take a topic that relates to video games and make recommendations for other media that’s related to the topic for you to check out. I’ve got a tonne of music, movie and book recommendations from the show. You should check it out.

There’s a fantastic feature over on Polygon about blind games and accessibility and over at The Dissolve there’s a discussion about moviegoing in the digital age that’s well worth a look.

What now?

I think that’s about it for today. I decided to fire this blog back up a few days ago and this really just came together because I found myself with nothing else to do. Hopefully in the next week I’ll have a codified format for this sort of thing. Also expect a giant feature on digital board games in the next few days, maybe Friday.

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Eclectic Dynamite Podcast 01-09-2012


We had a slew of technical difficulties this week.

First Ed messed up the audio levels while recording and then he messed up uploading it so it didn’t post yesterday like it supposed to. Hopefully it will all work out today.

Anyhoo it’s a shorter episode and we’ll be back in the studios next week. Sorry dudes!


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/eclecticdynamite/ED11.mp3]
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Eclectic Dynamite Podcast 29-07-2012

In this week’s ep we talk about Jack’s favourite video games, mobile reporting guides, the Humble Music Bundle, San Francisco’s poopy escalators and Harry Potter goblins revealing too much of themselves to teenage girls.

There is, of course, SPAAAACE NEEEEWS where we talk about fish in space, jellyfish made from rat hearts and Ed struggles with the terrifying maths of global warming.

There’s also a pretty big, spoiler filled Batman discussion. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Also stick around until the very end to hear Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin.

Oh and Ed apologises for sounding extra horrible this week. He was grappling with the flu the whole time.


[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/eclecticdynamite/ED_9.mp3]
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Eclectic Dynamite Podcast Episode 3

It’s been two weeks but we finally have a new episode for you to wrap your ears around.

We talk about Diablo 3, Spotify, and DC’s gay superhero (that linked article also clarifies an issue brought up in the ep in regards to the superhero’s son and gives us our first correction for next weeks episode).

You can also look forward to some horrible impressions and some post-credits music. We’re just too good to you!

Also, sorry that James is a bit quiet this week, we’re working on it.

Go! Listen! Now! Below!

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Podcasts are go!

So after months of thinking about but putting off making a podcast, it has finally happened!

I have teamed up with a uni buddy, James, and later on we should be joined by previous contributor, Jack.

The podcast is called, rather cleverly, the Eclectic Dynamite Podcast and it covers much the same stuff that I cover here on the odd occasion that I actually post anything.

It’s a pretty rough first episode but it should improve as we get more familiar with what it is we’re actually doing. Think of this as more of a pilot episode.

You can find it and subscribe to the RSS feed here and it has been submitted to iTunes so hopefully it will be up there soon as well.

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